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[23 Feb 2010|06:17pm]
Our GaGa who art in Disco Heaven
Glorious be thy name
Thy Fame will come
Your Fashion become
on Earth as it is in Disco Heaven

Give us this day, our daily Monster
And forgive us our opposing fan bashing
As we listen to your timeless hits
In hopes, others shall do the same

And lead us not into a Bad Romance,
But the music of a siren.
For thine is the Thrown,
and the Fame,
and your Queenliness,
for ever and ever.

[26 Nov 2009|07:19am]
going to san francisco with tyler for theanksgiving, bbl

a-ok [01 Oct 2009|08:41pm]

I used to think I needed a relationship to be happy. In recent months I've found out quite the opposite. While a nice cuddle partner and someone to be cute with here & there is nice, I've started depending on myself, my family, and the few close friends I have in town. Emphasis on myself. While things always have room to be better, I'm in a decent place... And I'm alright with that.
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[19 Jul 2009|04:17pm]

"i joined the fraternity 'I PHELTA THI.'"

"ya'll, shit just got real."

oh and i bought my tickets to new york last week. can't wait to see emily love.

[10 Jun 2009|08:42am]

a few moreCollapse )

i've been taking a hiatus from the internet, which surprisingly has been going very well. i don't know if the hiatus is due to me not actually wanting to get online or if it is just out of laziness/that i have better things to do. whatever the reason is, i am completely fine with it.
i've been kind of seeing this a guy for about a week or two and i don't reall know how i feel about it. i like him and all, but i don't get the same feelings as i got with cameron, alex, etc. eh, we will see how it goes i suppose.
oh, and i think i may have landed a full-time job! time will tell how that one works out....
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[14 May 2009|11:42am]

moreCollapse )

i have one final friday, then two on monday. after that, school is out for the summer. the plans for the next three months are pretty simple: work, possibly take a single course to stay in the swing of school, travel, save money, and try to figure out what i want out of this thing called "life." i'm still as close to knowing what i want to do as i was this time last year... in other words, i don't know.

i have learned a few things as of late though. we'll see how well i can implement these feelings and thoughts into my everyday interaction with people from now on.

i've been reading and watching movies a lot more lately. i think it's because i enjoy feeling like i am another time or place, seeing the world through someone else's eyes or just for the sheer of feeling of getting away from reality. i will most likely continue my book reading binge for awhile. i feel like it gives me something to do in my down time that doesn't involve leaving my house or spending money. yes, books. gotta love them.
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[27 Apr 2009|11:30pm]

i cannot deal with people who lie. once my trust is worn, it's really hard to build it back up.

i also cannot deal with random people, who don't know me or my friends, asking do i know personal things about my best friend. he doesn't know who the hell you are. i definitely don't know who the hell you are. why the fuck are you asking me again? seriously, it makes you looks creepy and like you have nothing better to do.

thirdly, i don't enjoy being ignored. especially after being lied to. #1 way to get your number deleted out of my phone and lose contact with me.

otherwise, everything else has been just fucking peachy. school is done in a few weeks and warm weather has finally rolled in. ready for summer nights.

[05 Apr 2009|12:51pm]

i think i'm over whatever thoughts were ailing me earlier this week. well... not over it, but suppressing it. no need to cry over spilled milk. i want better, i DESERVE better and don't need what i see as petty, crappy excuses. i'm content with working, bettering myself, hanging out with the three or four friends i see daily, and doing school work (for once). me now, you later. that's my outlook.

plans for this summer are to work my little ass off and pay off debts/save money/travel. everyone is getting huffy-puffy about not coming and seeing them, wherever they may live. truth is, i REALLY DO NOT have money to do it. the money i do get goes right back out to paying bills/living expenses. believe me, if i had money to travel and visit all my wonderful friends, i would have come three times over but the reality is, i cant. sorry. i've been going out less and less, and doing more and more school work/sitting at home. i checked my bank statement yesterday and added up all the money i spend on eating out between paychecks and it roughly came out to around $130+ every two weeks on food. i usually get $220-$270 per paycheck. that's a lot of fucking money spent on eating out. tyler gave me the suggestion of just spending money at the grocery store and buying extra stuff that my dad wont buy. i may take the idea into consideration. more bang for the buck, if you will.

some quotes that have cheered me up a bit this week:
...Collapse )

this post is all over the place. i apologize. my thoughts are kind of like me: erratic.
britney spears in 23 days. hell yes.

[19 Mar 2009|12:16pm]

spring break has been good thus far. words can't describe how nice it has been to see friends that are home from school. we all have been making use of break by being outside and taking advantage of the ace weather.

thing with cameron have been going pretty well too. he is probably the best boyfriend i have had. it is nice to actually have someone who treats me right. it feels good, unlike previous relationships where everything feels one-sided.

cannot wait for april 28th. fuckin' VIP tickets to britney spears. mmmm it is going to be superb. we are going to be in our own roped-off section, front and center stage. cannot wait!
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[10 Mar 2009|09:48pm]

dot dot dotCollapse )

ummm so what is up with all of my exes turning out to be emotional fucktards and being all around fucking mental? i dont understand it truthfully. oh well, we all make mistakes hahah. i just take it as a learning experience.

anyways, cameron asked me out saturday night and i said yes. he has made the past three weeks pretty rad. we are attending lady gaga on march 24th in chicago. we are working on going to see britney spears in april as well. work is going, i guess. school is... eh. other than that, life has been pretty hunky-dory.

i canceled my line on my dad's cell phone plan and got my own. $69.99/month for unlimited data and messaging and 450 anytime minutes. not too shabby. sprint was running a shitload of promotions this month and i took full advantage. $49.99 blackberrys and $100 referral reward. i get $25, but my dad is giving me the $100 he is getting since i found out about the referral promo. since i started my own line, i also got a new number. if you need the digits, let me know.
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[17 Feb 2009|10:31pm]

~~~Collapse )

tyler and i have been jetting all over. cliff notes version: we made an impromptu trip to indianapolis, indiana last thursday. we visited his friend christian, which was a really, really good time. i really enjoy the feeling of being somewhere completely new and not knowing where the hell i am going.
saturday night, we went to naperville, illinois to spend the night with his friend hunter. we ended up not getting the suburbs until 12:30am, got into the city at 1:30am and got to the party we were going to attend about 2am. we met a lot of hunter's friends, all of which were A M A Z I N G. we partied til around 5:30am, got back to hunter's at 6:30am and lept for about an hour. we left about 8am and literally made it back to peoria in about 90 minutes (it normally takes about 2 hours). i slept all fucking day sunday and i am still recovering.

uhhhh tyler and i have been talking so much about life lately and i have really been enjoying it. our outlooks on a lot of things go hand-in-hand and i think thats why we get along so well and are such good friends.

oh and ive been listening to too much lily allen, mika, mark ronson and lady gaga lately.
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[09 Feb 2009|01:54am]

ps: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 20 year old children are SO amusing!

[20 Jan 2009|05:20pm]

+8Collapse )

andrew, javier, aaron and i got buck wild at subterranean last night. we went all coyote ugly all over their tables and bars.

oh, did i ever mention i got promoted to a manager at work? well, i got promoted to manager at work lol. training starts next weekend.

[11 Jan 2009|09:06pm]

umm so it is 2009 and i have not updated my livejournal in almost a month and a half...

my social surroundings have changed immensely; friends, the places i hang out, etc etc. sometimes, i am not sure if it is a good thing or not, but hey, it works for now. winter break has been filled with parties EVERY night for the past three to four weeks and i am exhausted. i went to chicago for new years, saw justice, and formed some new friendships. i have my eyes set on someone new, though i am always pessimistic about my love life (or lack of one). i also got asked to be a temporary manager at work while my store manager and co-manager are on maternity leave. pay raise/more hours/it'll look good on my resume since i think retail management/marketing is something i am looking at majoring in.

as of now, this year is already kind of hectic and i have promised myself to do what i need to do to keep myself moving forward. i think it will be hard, but i am excited about facing whatever trials and tribulations come at me.
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[26 Nov 2008|11:39pm]

i had a wonderful time in sunny austin, texas!
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[17 Nov 2008|11:41am]
i have thoroughly enjoyed skiing down man-meat mountain the past few weeks hahaha.

i signed up over at twitter. lets be friends on there if you have an account!

i downloaded the remainder of the sufjan stevens albums i didn't yet have and i am amazed. i am in love with this man and his music, mmmmmm.

and finally, i just finished downloading some leaked tracks from britney spears' new cd that comes out december 2. mmmmm, i can never go wrong with britney.

[11 Nov 2008|10:03pm]
lol, i was just reminding of how much i fucking miss and love reading bash.org.

#75154 +(6711)- [X]

Galactic: you know what's ALWAYS bothered me? cold cereal mascots
Galactic: I mean that is just some FUCKED UP SHIT
Galactic: the Trix rabbit, for example
Galactic: I dunno man... if I were him I'd be fucking KILLING some kids
Galactic: I remember a commercial where the fuckin rabbit WENT INTO A FUCKIN STORE AND BOUGHT A BOX OF TRIX WITH HIS OWN FUCKIN MONEY.
Galactic: fuckin kids came outta NOWHERE and basically fuckin mug the poor stupid bitch rabbit
Galactic: "silly rabbit Trix are for kids"
Galactic: Fuckin rabbit just sits there and looks depressed.
Galactic: FUCK NO that wouldn't fly with me
Galactic: I'd have pimp-slapped EVERY ONE OF those fuckin bitches
Galactic: and made them go get me the REST of a "complete breakfast" and eat Trix right in front of them bitches and THEN beat the shit out of them some more.
Galactic: and wtf is with the disguises? All the dumb rabbit does is hide his ears and all of a sudden he's a fuckin kid?
Galactic: I dunno about you, but if I SAW a 6 foot fuckin RABBIT with his ears tucked under a baseball cap, I wouldn't immediately think
Galactic: "Hey, there's a cool lookin human kid, let me go over and share some of my cereal with him"
Galactic: NO.
Galactic: I'd be thinking
Galactic: "that's a 6 foot fuckin RABBIT with his ears tucked under a baseball cap... what the FUCK was I just smoking?"
Galactic: another thing... wtf is up with cereal being "A part of this complete breakfast"
Galactic: last time -I- checked, cereal WAS breakfast
Galactic: they show a big ass bowl of frosted flakes next to a waffle, a pancake, toast, a banana, a fuckin grapefruit... who the FUCK eats a breakfast that big
Flaming_Duck: not me! I don't even EAT breakfast no more
Flaming_Duck: I mean, I eat when I get up
Flaming_Duck: but the whole thought "BREAKFAST IS ONLY SERVED UNTIL SUCH AND SUCH TIME"
Flaming_Duck: bitch, you make my fucking sausage and egg sandwich when I pay you the fucking money
Flaming_Duck: don't give me that shit.
Galactic: Back to stupid cereal mascots... Lucky Charms.
Galactic: Lucky can turn the fucking MOON into a marshmallow, and he can't escape a bunch of fucking 6 year olds?!?!?
Galactic: C'mon now, Lucky. I KNOW your bitch ass has got to have a "Blow the fucking kids up" spell SOMEWHERE or make "kid marshamllows" and EAT those bitches.
Galactic: "They're after me Lucky Charms!"
Galactic: ....
Galactic: I dunno why I went off on this rant here. it's just always bothered me."
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[07 Nov 2008|03:57pm]

oct 31Collapse )

halloween was spent at a loft party/show downtown on the riverfront. the night was... random and very satisfying. lets just say my self-esteem went up a point or two hahah. this week dragged on because i had the house to myself. dad went to chicago for the obama rally/some work business. alex and nick had a small party on wednesday night. otherwise, the week was just spent laying around, working, studying and cleaning.
dad being gone also gave me the opportunity to go grocery shopping. i think i am going to try this vegetarian thing again. i bought all kinds of healthy goodness. wraps, granola bars, fetta cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, veggie burgers, veggie chicken patties, lean pockets: broccoli and cheese, pita chips, hummus and other nom noms. just eating better for the past 4 days has put me in a really optimistic mood.

oh, and i got golden girls season 5 on dvd. fuck yeah!
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day after 21 [30 Oct 2008|09:24pm]
my birthday went pretty well. it keeps slipping my mind that i can actually buy alcohol. i skipped all my classes, got my new driver's license and voted for the first time!

the rest of the day was spent catching up on sleep. dad and i went to sushigawa and had a big platter of volcano rolls and a few cups of wine. he dropped me off down at the rhythm ktichen afterwards, where the bartenders gave me copious rounds of tequila on the house, and i threw back about 3 or 4 shiners. it was nice just having a low-key twenty first birthday with friends downtown.

i haven't gotten many gifts (and i don't really expect to) but the family said they sent cards filled with goodies out kind of late, so they should be coming in within the next few days. so far, i got a $100 savings bond, $150 express gift card, a couiple $21 checks, a nylon magazine with paris hilton on the cover, a certificate to get a free samsung m520 cell phone (which i am going to send to my sister because i am content with my lj rumor)a finally, new sperrys! :)
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chicago pt1+pt2 [27 Oct 2008|11:11pm]

pictures+recapCollapse )

ups and downs as always, but overall, it was a pretty fucking successful weekend and i wouldn't have changed any of it. i love my mates. oh and i think i am going to try to start updating this thing more often than i have been. maybe three times a week or so? time will tell i guess.
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